Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's the Weekend!

And it's going to be wonderful 80 degree weather all 3 days!

Thursday evening I met up with a friend of a friend who lives here in Manhattan. We had dinner at Marsielle (where I enjoyed a terrific Manhattan and fabulous food) and went to see Billy Elliot. I enjoyed the show although I was not crazy about all of the music. The perfomer who played Billy was amazing - 11 years old and starring in a Broadway show!

Yesterday I had a lunch with a CCL (Crazy Cat Lady) whom I know through Catster and Facebook. We had a terrific lunch at Cafe Noir here in Soho. Delicous tapas and I tried Blue Point Toasted Lager for the first time - DE-licious! After that I headed down to the half-priced ticket booth at South Street Seaport and had a nice conversation with a fellow while in line. Turns out he is in the training biz and may be moving to San Francisco to open a branch for his company.

Today I'm going to a matinee to see Memphis. I may go a little early to I can have lunch at the Shake Shack and then drop by Macy's on 34 Street.

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