Sunday, May 22, 2011

Heading East

Well I leave for New York today. I'll be doing some training for our West Elm brand which is headquartered in Brooklyn. It's always fun to go to New York - there is just no place in the world like it. I'm looking forward to some CCL get-togethers and I might see some former colleagues too.

When this trip was planned we had hoped that Bill might be able to join me for a few days but he had rotator cuff surgery four weeks ago and now he is in physical therapy. I'll need to put fresh sheets on the bed for him before I go. He is doing very well but making a bed with one arm would be pretty tough. And I don't think the kitties will be much help with that chore!

Tim Lincecum pitched a shutout against the A's last night and Chai is just beside herself with excitement!! Oh she does love The Freak. I think she may have snagged my "Let Timmy Smoke" t-shirt cuz I can't find it anywhere!

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