Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Angels Among Us

Many, many years ago, when I had my first kitty, Misty, she was in a freak accident and broke her leg. I was barely making it financially, living paycheck to paycheck, and had no resources for the surgery she needed to repair her leg.

Fortunately for me, a friend loaned me the money and said, "Pay me back when you can." I truly don't know what I would have done without her assistance. She was an angel to do that for me and to this day I feel immense gratitude toward her.

I guess that is a major reason why I am so passionate about the mission of The Murphee and Sugar Angel Foundation - helping others with the financial costs of pets who are critically ill.

The Foundation has helped quite a few pets in the past year. We've contributed toward life-saving surgery, helped with the cost of medications for manageable illnesses such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, and more than once we've helped when it is time to end the pain and suffering of a seriously ill pet. Helping others through the Foundation is both heartbreaking and rewarding, and it is always gratifying.

But the reality is this - my co-founder Kate and I cannot achieve the Foundation's mission alone - we need your help.

100% of your donations go to help others. Kate and I cover all Foundation expenses personally and we do not take a dime from the Foundation.

So, please, be an angel and join us for Sugar's Birthday Celebration by sending $1 and sharing this post. The first $1400 will be matched by me and one of our board members.

Not everyone has a angel who can do what my friend did for Misty and me. And who knows, you may need an angel yourself someday - we all know how uncertain life can be. With your help now, Murphee and Sugar can be there for you and others, just like my angel was there for Misty and me all of those years ago.

We Believe in Angels.