Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Monthly Sugar Rub! Could Save Your Pet's Life

We all know we're supposed to do a monthly breast exam on ourselves, but did you know that your pet needs one too? Feline mammary cancer is very aggressive and 90% of mammary tumors are malignant. For dogs, the odds are a little better at 50%.
Waiting for that annual vet visit could be far too late for your furkid. I found Sugar's first mammary tumor. I also found her second tumor just three weeks after her veterinarian had examined her. 
This was recently posted on the Sugar Rub! Facebook page: "Miri's lumps (one slightly larger than the other) were found by us 2 weeks ago. We brought her to the vet. It's because of Sugar Rub! that we found them." Miri had surgery and now has a chance to beat mammary cancer because her owners give their pets a Sugar Rub! every month.
So pick a day of the month to do your pet's Sugar Rub (breast exam) and circle it on your calendar. Not sure how to do a breast exam on your pet? Check out this page on our website. 
And when you finish your pet's breast exam, do one on yourself - humans get breast cancer too.

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