Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Night in Manhattan

On Monday, I took a walk down to Ground Zero and went to the 9/11 WTC Tribute Visitor's Center and the 9/11 Preview Site. It was a sad and sobering way to begin the day, but I wanted to pay my respects and remember.

Next I headed to Battery Park to get a glimpse of Lady Liberty and then walked through the Financial District back to the hotel.

That evening I met a friend for dinner at Becco, one of Lidia Bastianich's restaurant. What a terrific meal.

Tuesday I was back at work and when I got to the hotel that evening there were lots of men in black suits. Later I learned that Sarah Palin was staying at the hotel and that was her security detail.

This evening I'll see Tracy and Roberta for dinner then pack up for my departure tomorrow. I teach my last class then I'm headed home on the 7:30 pm flight and I'll be waking up in my own bed on Saturday morning with the kitties and the hubby.

It's been a great time here and I am looking forward to being home!

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